AVM Impact Recognised as Cisco Solution Provider


AVM Impact, the UK’s leading visual communications system integrator, has been awarded the Cisco Solution Provider accreditation. This accreditation is the second highest level of partnership available globally, and forms part of the Cisco Developer Network.

AVM Impact has a proven track record of integrating Cisco Collaboration solutions using the AV9000 AV industry standard as well as providing a high standard of support on Cisco equipment.

Cisco Collaboration AV Integrator partners are specialists in the development and implementation of custom communication environments.  These environments combine TelePresence video systems and non-Cisco Audio Visual solutions to provide the best possible experience for video and audio conferencing. 

John Masters, Visual Communications Director at AVM Impact said “Many of our customers want to accommodate value adding collaboration tools such as presentation screens, interactive whiteboards and document visualisers.  They are also keen to enhance their users’ experience with well thought through room layouts and furniture, room lighting that enhances the picture, multiple microphones for natural sounding audio and a single control device that avoids the use of multiple remote controls.  We are proud that Cisco has recognised AVM Impact as one of the few companies in Europe that can deliver such deeply integrated projects for their clients.”

AVM Impact is now working towards achieving the highest level – Cisco Preferred Solutions Provider.


New Visualisation Communication Centre at University of Wolverhampton


*This project was carried out by Impact prior to the acquistion by AVM.

New Visualisation Communication Centre at University of Wolverhampton opens today, with the technology designed and built by Impact [now AVM Impact]

The University of Wolverhampton officially launches their Visualisation Communication Centre project today.

The Visualisation Communication Centre is based on the University’s Telford Campus and is a unique blend of technology specifically aimed at engaging small businesses and start up’s who need to use technology to either develop or promote their business ideas. The Telford campus was the ideal location for this initial project, as in addition to the Visualisation Communications Centre, rapid prototyping and IT development facilities are available on campus to fast-track an idea through the start-up phase. The project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The technology within the centre has been designed and built by AVM Impact, which includes a range of AV and IT related equipment encompassing video conferencing, video streaming, immersive projection, interactivity and a 2x2 interactive video wall display, all seamlessly linked together to provide an engaging environment in which to bring investors and prospective clients. In particular, it is for businesses which may not even have premises or indeed the capital to invest in the necessary equipment.

Commenting on the new Visualisation Communications Centre, Steve Smith, Lead Technology Advisor said: “The impact that the Visualisation Centre has when businesses first enter the room, is the wow factor we are all looking for. When we explain what it can provide for their company’s growth and development it really sets their minds racing. This innovation room is what many SMEs need to provide the springboard in these changeable times. The full benefit is realised due to the attention to detail and quality of installation and finish provided by [AVM] Impact which motivates the company to see how it would work for them.”

The local authority and chambers have shown great interest in the Innovation First and VCC project. These facilities provide a legacy for the teaching and learning spaces to the University’s students and staff. The University is already in the early stages of designing a second centre at the Science Park in Wolverhampton.

AVM provides state-of-the-art AV to Bournville College


Bournville College, situated in Birmingham, is a large further education college. In November 2009 the college commenced a complete rebuild of its Longbridge campus which positions Bournville as a flagship college in the UK. The incredible new £66 million state-of-the-art campus covers 4.2 acres of land, has a capacity of over 15,000 students and provides some of the best education and training facilities in the country.

AVM worked with college staff to understand their vision for the future and design state-of-the-art AV systems in line with their requirements.

Students today are digitally switched on and extremely media-savvy. The material presented to them must reflect this in order to keep them engaged and interested in the learning content. AVM has more than 10 years experience in the education sector and understands the latest technologies that can improve the teaching and learning environment.

Paul Bristow, Assistant Principal for Learner Services at Bournville College said:

“With AVM’s guidance and advice we are confident we have purchased the very best AV equipment. Teaching and support staff are amazed by the technologies and actively embrace these in the classroom.”

AVM supplied and installed interactive teaching equipment into 137 classrooms across the campus as well as fitting out a cinema room with an HD 3D projection system.

In the conference centre AVM provided a large projection screen and audio system with mixing console and full room control. In the music department AVM installed computer music software, music hardware such as microphones, keyboard controllers and studio recording equipment.

Other equipment AVM provided around the campus included several large LED screens, a 55” interactive touch table and integrated audio systems with the most modern facilities such as iPod docking stations and a blu-ray player.

Paul Bristow continued:

 “It is a refreshing pleasure to watch teachers and students interacting with these technologies and enhancing their understanding of the learning process.

“The commitment from AVM is always a priority, they understand educational requirements and respond effectively and efficiently offering a service that in my opinion is first class. I trust the judgement, advice and guidance offered by AVM. I would happily recommend AVM services to any interested parties.”

AVM sponsored the Bournville College Grand Opening on 26th October 2011.


Loughborough University improves training, teaching & communication


Loughborough University is one of the country’s leading universities and has been voted the UK’s best student experience for five years running. To maintain this excellent reputation they must ensure that the teaching and learning environments are innovative, modern and engaging for 21st century students.

AVM was invited to work with the university to fulfil their on-going vision for state-of-the-art teaching facilities and ensure the audio visual capabilities are of the highest quality.


AVM equipped several areas of the university encompassing a wide range of specialist projection and display systems. AVM completed a total rebuild of two lecture theatres with high definition presentation facilities which included PA systems, dual projection, lecture recording systems, lecterns and one-touch control systems for flexible, easy-to-use projector and room control.


Other parts of the project included 3 meetings rooms in the facilities management building, the Rutland Building, which serves as the staff HQ, fitted with dual projection, ceiling speakers and an induction loop system, as well as digital signage in the reception area.


This project required a forward thinking AV solution throughout. AVM worked on time and budget to meet this leading education institution's demand for high performance equipment, excellent and efficient service, along with competitive pricing.


Aaron Turlington-Smith, AV Supervisor at Loughborough University said:

“AVM has vast experience of working in a university environment and this is reflected in their work at Loughborough. They were able to design integrated AV systems of the highest quality, whilst offering very competitive pricing. The AVM team is knowledgeable and efficient, meaning I could carry on with my day-to-day job with minimal disturbances; whilst confident the project was being carried out to the highest standard. The new solutions have been very well received by staff and have added another dimension to our daily practices, improving the teaching and learning environment.”

Polycom survey of teachers in Europe


Polycom survey of teachers in Europe finds videoconferencing is the most effective education tool after in-person communications.

Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM), the global leader in standards-based unified communications (UC), today reported the results of a survey of 500 grade-school and university teachers across the UK, France, Germany, Russia and Nordics. The survey found that videoconferencing is the most desirable way for school teachers to communicate with parents, students and colleagues—when in-person interactions cannot take place.

Key findings of the survey included:

Three-quarters of the teachers (77%) think that more investment in videoconferencing would benefit their students and improve their education, citing the increased impact and engagement with subject matter that videoconferencing encourages.

Two-thirds surveyed (67%) believe that videoconferencing improves core skills for use in later life and the workplace.

Another finding of the survey is that the uses of videoconferencing in learning are viewed somewhat differently by school teachers and university tutors:

Teachers of school-age children saw the most potential for using videoconferencing as a collaborative working tool (65%) and for virtual field trips (60%) – in other words as a way to expand the scope of the learning experience.

University tutors, on the other hand, said that a more important benefit of videoconferencing, from their experience, is the ability to include more students – such as reaching home-based students (64%) or enabling those who missed a class to view it later (62%).

Over half the university tutors (54%) also stated that access to subject-matter experts was an important feature of video conferencing; and 56% see videoconferencing as a means of extending their educational services, therefore enabling them to teach via distance learning.

“The popularity of videoconferencing as a method of communication in education is not surprising with an overwhelming majority (85%) of educators who expect the use of these technologies to increase over the next five years.” comments Gary Rider, EMEA President, Polycom. “The ability to connect students with other teachers and students around the world face to face has enormous benefits to their educational experience,” continues Rider. “Video is the only technology that allows a visual, rich learning experience outside of being in the room together. Video also enables higher quality collaboration and learning. This important in an educational setting, especially distance learning, where teachers can ensure students are focused and absorbing new information better, while students can benefit from a richer learning experience.”

Polycom education customers have already seen the benefits of utilising videoconferencing as a way of removing the classroom walls:

“The National Distance Education University (UNED) educates through a blended-learning methodology based on the principles of distance learning; implementing Polycom’s cutting edge videoconferencing was essential to effectively fulfil the obligation of the University to raise the standard of collaborative communications,” said Covadonga Rodrigo, Vice Rector for Technology, UNED. “Our Polycom Unified Communication solution allows us to connect teacher and students at any time, any place and over any distance, and enhances the distance learning experience for all our lifelong learning programmes.”

Alan Cameron, Education Officer for Dumfries and Galloway, says, “Through Polycom’s solutions, we’ve seen teachers sharing ideas, we’ve been able to facilitate Continued Personal Development sessions with staff between schools, and have also developed excellent international links. One school has linked up for home economics lessons in Poland and another of our schools links with a school in the Caribbean. It has been very successful, and, looking to the future, it would be fantastic to have all schools kitted with video conferencing solutions.”

Polycom believes all schools should have access to better technologies and the enriched educational capabilities of video collaboration and so is announcing a new ‘Getting Started with Video Education’ bundle – the Polycom RealPresence Education Bundle:

Polycom RealPresence Education Bundles

Polycom is offering its Polycom RealPresence Room HDX 7000 and Polycom RealPresence Room HDX 8000 bundles together with the newly announced Polycom UC Board for one year starting from November 2011. These room telepresence systems provide users with high quality audio and high definition video communications from low bandwidths using standards-base H.264 High Profile Technology, which reduces bandwidth needs by 50%. The Polycom UC Board is an innovative whiteboard solution which improves communication and collaboration in video conferences by instantly sharing content written on the whiteboard to all screens and mobile devices that are connected to the video meeting. Both bundles also include 50 x m100 telepresence licences. For more information about this offer please visit http://www.polycom.eu/forms/contact_polycom.html?id=conf_finder&link=sales_contact_form

About the Survey

The survey was conducted in August 2011, across the UK, France, Germany, Russia and the Nordics. 100 teachers were surveyed in each region. To view to full results and data please visit www.polycom.eu/education